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Review: CARGO Blush in Mallorca

15 Aug


This is a product by CARGO that I picked up a few weeks ago. These are sold on the CARGO website for USD $29.00. They come in fifteen shades and I bought Mallorca.


It’s described as a “bright cherry”, but I would classify it as halfway between red and pink. It’s a dusty-cherry colour that really pops on the cheeks, which is probably why it’s described as “bright”, even though the colour itself is not. Confusing? Then just look at the pictures!


Let me just start off by saying this blush is HUGE! A regular MAC blush contains 6g of product, and this baby has 8.9g, almost a third bigger! This blush will last you an extremely long time.

Formula: Creamy, dreamy and beautiful! It’s soft and silky to the touch and very pigmented in the application. No chalkiness whatsoever, which can sometimes happen with bright matte blushes. It has a very slight scent of hand soap in the pan, but this is barely detectable once applied.

Pigmentation: Very strong pigmentation, but can be applied lightly. You can sheer out the colour with blending, or build it up in layers for a strong cheek colour. Strong colours like this can be difficult to apply lightly, but I had no issues with this. I would recommend using a blush brush that is semi-stiff so you have more control in the application.

Longevity of wear: Lasts all day long on me with no visible fading. Not much to say, but definitely no complaints.

Packaging: I love this packaging! The metal packaging gives it a vintage feel, reminds me of my Grandmother’s makeup collection. I also like that it doesn’t have a hinge or plastic top for me to break. The packaging makes it feel very durable and long-lasting.

Here is a cheek swatch:


Overall: I’m so impressed with the quality, colour and size of this blush! I’m definitely going to be on the hunt for more CARGO blushes because this one has surpassed all of my expectations; these are an absolute must-have for any blush-lover.

What are some of your favourite blushes?

– Julia


Review: CARGO Eye Shadow 5-Palette

7 Aug

This is an eyeshadow compact that I bought from (surprise, surprise) Winners for $8.99. The CARGO Eyeshadow 5-Palette is regularly $34 CAD, but are now for sale on the CARGO website for $8 each.  I didn’t own anything by CARGO and this was a nice little neutral palette so I thought I would try it out.

This palette is called Paradise Island and it consists of five eyeshadows in the warm brown family. (I swatched them clockwise, with the centre shade last).


(1) Bronzy-brown with a copper shimmer.  (2) Light pink highlight with white shimmer. (3) Light bronzy-brown, very similar to the first colour but sheerer. (4) Light pinky-brown that appears matte, but has a very fine pink iridescence. (5) Mid-tone brown loaded with warm brown shimmer.


Formula: The formula feels very nice to me; the shadows blended very well. I noticed a bit of fall-out with the darkest shade, but nothing that can’t be fixed with concealer. Other than that, all colours applied smoothly with no patchiness. 

Pigmentation: Strong, consistent colouring in all shades. There is shimmer in all of these colours, which would normally bother me in a neutral palette. The shimmers differ in size and colour that gives the shades beautiful dimension. This sets it apart from most average brown eyeshadow compacts.

Longevity of wear: These will go all day with no fading when you use a good primer. I haven’t worn them on their own, but I would if my lids weren’t so oily. Yesterday was very humid plus I was building IKEA furniture, I wore them under a MAC paint pot and they didn’t budge.

Packaging: Nothing special, just regular clear plastic. Definitely not cheap plastic, the case feels very sturdy and the clasp is has not come loose. 100% travel safe!


This is what I wore yesterday: (5) is on the lid, with (1) in the outer corner. (4) is in the crease with (2) on brow bone and tear duct. I wore this over MAC paint pot in Groundwork and blended NYX Jumbo Pencil in Dark Brown on the outer part of the upper and lower lash lines.

Overall: A nice palette to own if you like neutral brown eyes, or if you just want a quick go-to look for everyday. High quality eyeshadow for a great price; I’m glad I picked this up. I will definitely be trying out for more CARGO stuff in the future.

Are you familiar with CARGO? What are some of you favourite products?

– Julia